Work With Me

Looking for an experienced voice in both the research and practice of in-home therapy?

My name is Victoria Rodriguez, and I’m passionate about improving practices in community mental health. As a published researcher and practicing home-based professional, I’m excited to have a meaningful conversation with you about making this field more sustainable for professionals and participants.

How can we work together?

  • Podcast guest or consultant
  • Facebook/Instagram lives
  • Workshops
  • Conference presentations
  • Research collaborations on issues in community mental health

What will it be like to work together?

I believe in a collaborative approach where your project values are evident throughout our working relationship. It is also extremely important to me that your audience members and stakeholders have access to evidence-based information that is grounded in ethical practice.

Ready to take your mental health agency to the next level?

Investing in consulting can ensure your agency has the systems in place to meet the needs of your participants and your employees. We offer evidenced-based consulting and trainings through our practice Revive Counseling and Consulting LLC. 

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