Ready to take your mental health agency to the next level?

Investing in consulting can ensure your agency has the systems in place to meet the needs of your participants and your employees. We offer evidenced-based agency consulting and trainings through our practice Revive Counseling and Consulting LLC. 

Why invest in consulting?

  • Can reduce number of critical incidents for participants and employees
  • Can reduce sick leave due to employee burnout or recovery from secondary trauma 
  • Can increase provider and participant comfort in home-based settings 
  • Sends the message to employees and insurance providers that you are serious about safety and best practices 
  • Can reduce supervisors’ time spent on crisis management and documentation 
  • Promotes a culture of mindful practice throughout the agency 

Schedule a free 15 minute virtual consultation today to discuss your agency’s needs

Who can benefit from consulting?

  • Mental health rehabilitation agencies (MHRs)
  • Residential treatment centers 
  • Other disciplines that provide services in home (I.e. home healthcare, skilled nursing, etc.)
  • Group therapy practices 


We offer in-person or virtual 1.5 hour workshops to include the following topics:

  • Multicultural Competencies in Community Mental Health
  • Ethics in Home-Based Therapy 
  • Safety for Community Mental Health Providers 
  • Preventing Burnout in Agency Work
  • Effective Supervision in Community Mental Health 
  • Closing the Theory-Application Gap in Non-Clinical Settings 
  • Documentation for Mental Health Professionals 


We offer a variety of consulting packages that can be specified to your agency’s unique needs. These services can include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Field observation of mental health professionals in clients’ homes 
  • Trainings with supervisors, mental health professionals, and other stakeholders
  • Assessment of home-based protocols and policies 
  • Written report with clear action steps to promote safe and ethical practices 
  • 2 month and 6 month check-ins 

Class Presentations

Want your students/supervisees to succeed in practicum and internship?

We offer free presentations that are grounded in CACREP standards as our way of thanking the next generation of clinicians for serving our communities. Presentations are offered virtually or in person if located in Louisiana. 

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