FREE Sample Group Supervision Welcome Packet

For those of you who might not know or are new to My Car Is My Office, I am currently working towards my PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision (while still working full time in community mental health – the focus of this website). One of the requirements of my program, and most counseling doctoralContinue reading “FREE Sample Group Supervision Welcome Packet”

Statements That Can be Judgmental to People Dealing with Financial Insecurity

As mental health professionals, we understand the weight our words can hold. If not, think back to a compliment you received from your favorite teacher or a personal dig from a loved one. That is why we go through thorough training, not to make sure we say the “perfect” open-ended questions or reflections to ourContinue reading “Statements That Can be Judgmental to People Dealing with Financial Insecurity”

Great British Bake-Off Judges as Your Clinical Supervisors

The Great British Bake-Off (GBBO as it’s commonly abbreviated) is a British-centric baking competition where contestants compete against each other to create the best breads, puddings, and mince pies. Compared to Iron Chef America and similar American cooking competitions, GBBO is a stroll through a country-side meadow while the royal family judges you gently fromContinue reading “Great British Bake-Off Judges as Your Clinical Supervisors”

Beginner’s Guide to Writing a SOAP Note (with SOAP note template)

On a recent poll in one of my counseling social media groups, the moderator asked what each member wished they could have learned more about in graduate school. Members overwhelmingly answered that they felt they were under prepared to write progress notes once they started seeing clients in the “real world”.  Progress notes are essentialContinue reading “Beginner’s Guide to Writing a SOAP Note (with SOAP note template)”

Nature Therapy Interventions to Promote Wellness in Community Mental Health

As we enter into what will be for many of us our sixth month (sixth!) of staying at home and social distancing, we might notice that our clients are expressing more feelings of isolation, hopelessness, or anxiety. Those of us in community mental health might be looking for creative interventions that require little to noContinue reading “Nature Therapy Interventions to Promote Wellness in Community Mental Health”

Minimizing Distractions in Home-Based Therapy

Distractions in a home environment can be considered inevitable. Just ask all of the employees working from home during the pandemic. Home-based therapists face the extra hurdle of providing services in a usually unfamiliar space.  Whether it’s a visitor stopping by unannounced or a toddler trying to pull out your hair, interruptions during home visitsContinue reading “Minimizing Distractions in Home-Based Therapy”

FREE Classes by Harvard/MIT for Mental Health Professionals

If you’re considering taking up a hobby during quarantine, and you’ve already started a podcast, why not partake in some free education from some of the best schools in the United States? Whether it’s learning about racial disparities in community health or reviewing how neurotransmitters work, check out these free classes below offered by HarvardContinue reading “FREE Classes by Harvard/MIT for Mental Health Professionals”

Community Mental Health Bingo – Rural Edition

A dose of reality for all the recent graduates in the field. How many of these can you cross off? Check off your answers and see what level you’ve reached at the end. “Wow the dog really likes you!” “Wow, the dog REALLY likes you”  Client says something incredibly racist and you laugh because youContinue reading “Community Mental Health Bingo – Rural Edition”

An Open Letter to Graduating Students in Mental Health Fields

Dear graduate,  First of all, let’s do what all good therapists do and address the elephant in the room. This is not a normal graduation year. There won’t be any gatherings in stadiums across the world where your heels will sink into the turf. You won’t take an awkward photo with the university president thatContinue reading “An Open Letter to Graduating Students in Mental Health Fields”

Introduction to Me and My Car

Hi, my name is Victoria Rodriguez, and my car is a disaster zone. This is because I’m a Provisionally Licensed Counselor in rural Louisiana providing home-based therapy for a community mental health agency. This means I eat in my car, travel in my car up to 3 hours a day, and hoard counseling worksheets inContinue reading “Introduction to Me and My Car”