Writing an Unstructured Progress Note

Effective documentation is critical to client care with psychotherapy notes often being the most common type of clinical documentation mental health professionals will complete in a day. There any many styles of progress notes from which mental health professionals can choose. Whether it’s a SOAP, DAP, or other format, progress notes allow mental health professionalsContinue reading “Writing an Unstructured Progress Note”

Theory to Practice: Feminist Theory Case Conceptualization Worksheet

Case conceptualizations are an integral part to the treatment process in any mental health field. A clinician writes a case conceptualization to document their understanding of a case and to relay how they intend to proceed in treatment according to a particular approach or theoretical orientation. Not only can writing a case conceptualization help youContinue reading “Theory to Practice: Feminist Theory Case Conceptualization Worksheet”

Theory to Practice: Person-Centered Progress Note

Last week for the series Theory to Practice, we reviewed an example solution-focused SOAP note. This week, we focus this week writing a person-centered/humanistic progress note. If you haven’t already, check out “Beginner’s Guide to Writing a SOAP Note (with SOAP note template)” and “Theory to Practice: Solution-Focused Progress Note” The person-centered, or Rogerian, therapistContinue reading “Theory to Practice: Person-Centered Progress Note”

Theory to Practice: Solution-Focused Progress Note

When asked what subjects they wished they would have covered more in college, some members in our Facebook group for community mental health professionals responded that they would have preferred more training in integrating theory into their practice when working in client’s homes. It’s not difficult to see how theory is one of the firstContinue reading “Theory to Practice: Solution-Focused Progress Note”