FREE Sample Group Supervision Welcome Packet

For those of you who might not know or are new to My Car Is My Office, I am currently working towards my PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision (while still working full time in community mental health – the focus of this website). One of the requirements of my program, and most counseling doctoralContinue reading “FREE Sample Group Supervision Welcome Packet”

Benefits of Interning at a Community Mental Health Agency

There can sometimes be a stigma surrounding community mental health agency work with some programs suggesting it is  “lesser” than working in a private practice, a hospital, or other office-based setting. Greg Czyszczon pointed out that home-based counseling is often categorized as being at the bottom of the counseling hierarchy with the least trained individualsContinue reading “Benefits of Interning at a Community Mental Health Agency”

In-Home Counseling with Rebecca Toner of the Supportive SuperVision Podcast

A few weeks ago, I had the awesome pleasure of speaking with Rebecca Toner on her Supportive SuperVision podcast about my research and experience on in-home therapy and community mental health. Supportive SuperVision, as the title suggests, is a must listen for supervisors, supervisees, educators, and students in mental health fields. I’ve been a listenerContinue reading “In-Home Counseling with Rebecca Toner of the Supportive SuperVision Podcast”

My Schedule in Community Mental Health

Community mental health (or any job in the mental health field for that matter) can be pretty hectic running from appointment to appointment or even doing strictly teletherapy. The great thing about this field is it can be super flexible; I’ve seen 6-7 clients a day Monday-Thursday to take off a Friday or seen clientsContinue reading “My Schedule in Community Mental Health”

4 Options for Call Return Policies

As a mental health professional in the community, it is vitally important for you to uphold professional boundaries to protect clients from developing a dependence on you or on the treatment process. As many of us are working from home providing teletherapy, now more than ever we live and die by our phones. Innocente inContinue reading “4 Options for Call Return Policies”

Free Safety Checklist for Home Visits

Community mental health professionals and home-based therapists have always been more at risk in the field than other settings. Whether they are challenged by a hostile client experiencing a crisis, a domestic violence event in the home, or they spend hours on the road in areas without cell service or in neighborhoods with higher crimeContinue reading “Free Safety Checklist for Home Visits”

6 Ways to Identify a Great Behavioral Health Agency

There are a number of agencies who do good in their respective communities, but only a few agencies who qualify as “great”. These agencies do more for their employees and participants than just meeting the minimum standards set forth by all kinds of government agencies or accrediting bodies (such as OSHA, CACREP, CARF, etc). BelowContinue reading “6 Ways to Identify a Great Behavioral Health Agency”

Interview Questions for a Job in Community Mental Health

For those of you just starting out in the fields of social services or mental health, the interview process can be daunting. However, it can also provide an opportunity for you to spruce up your resume and sharpen those interpersonal skills which are paramount to rapport building and the counseling process. Below, I review 5Continue reading “Interview Questions for a Job in Community Mental Health”