Community Mental Health Bingo – Rural Edition

A dose of reality for all the recent graduates in the field. How many of these can you cross off? Check off your answers and see what level you’ve reached at the end.

“Wow the dog really likes you!”

“Wow, the dog REALLY likes you” 

Client says something incredibly racist and you laugh because you didn’t hear what they said and then you realize it was something racist 

“You have to move your car, that’s where the neighbor parks” 

Getting stuck in the mud trying to exit your rural client’s driveway 

Client disciplines kids in front of you  

“I need you to talk to my doctor about getting me medical marijuana” 

Waking a client up for their session when it’s 3 in the afternoon 

Doing a session outside in a sketchy neighborhood and calling it “nature therapy” 

Using a curse word as a direct quote in your note 

Someone you’ve never met before walks in the house and your client doesn’t explain anything 

You don’t correct your family when they mistakenly call you Dr.   

You were late to a session and blamed traffic 

You have a favorite public bathroom 

Not fixing dents on your car so it will help you blend in 

Client introduces you as their “worker” 

“My cat doesn’t like you”

Meeting a client in a literal trap house 

Realizing that what you smelled years ago in that trailer was actually meth

Client that calls after hours and on weekends 

Client switched phones without telling you 

“Do you want a cigarette?” 

Client you discharged after 3 no shows calls and says you never tried to call

Client answers phone to confirm appointment but doesn’t answer when you knock

How many applied to you?

0-1 – Congratulations on your recent graduation! You’re going to be ok, just keep reminding yourself of your high school friends who are now in law school.

2-5 – Glad you’re starting to get the hang of it!

6-10 – You’re still here?

11-20 – Oh, you were waiting for a supervisory position. 

21+ – They legally have to give you your own agency now

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